It is a Chinese style therapeutic massage. Digital point pressure therapy,
which was popular in the past, evolved from digital acupoint pressing, and
other actions of traditional Chinese martial arts. Massage of acupoints is
a therepeutic method in which the specific acupoints of the body are
pressured for the purpose of improving health. Some acupoints are even
related with certain organs. Acupressure has the following benefits:

*Mental relaxation and strees reduction
*Pain reduction
*Decreased muscle tension
*Improved circulation to the muscles
*Improved elimination of waste products
*Improved organic function
*Improved lymphatic drainage

We use a low technology approach to improving strength and function of
the spine and body through rehabilitation. Low technology means using
equipment that is low cost and simple to use so you can continue
rehabilitation in the privacy of your home. Rehabilitation is individualized
and focuses on improving flexibility, strength and endurance resulting in:

*Decreasd Pain
*Greater Strenth
*Increased Coordination
*Improved Balance
*Improved Function
*Better Self-Reliance
Bethesda Health Center
Allan C. Ke, D.C.
Sally C. Peng, L.Ac.